Part 91 - Transport Category
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Stepping up to Transport Category?

What changes does this bring and how are those changes reflected in
the Aircraft Records?
The first, most obvious change is leaving the 100 Hr/Annual inspection
program behind and gaining the availability of the options listed in 91.409.  

Most Part 91, Transport Category, operators choose the 91.409(f)(3)
current inspection program recommended by the manufacturer.

The first record keeping requirement after your choice is the 91.409(f)
requirement to identify the selected program choice in the Aircraft
Maintenance Records.
 This is a fail in the records of many aircraft.
Inspection Programs are so complex and there are so many parts on the aircraft that most
operators use a Computerized Maintenance Tracking and Forecasting program.  There a
number of vendors for these programs and your manufacturer may steer you to their
selected favorite vendor.
My personal recommendation is that each operator should create a Defined
Aircraft Records System.

A Defined Aircraft Records System will identify each record required or
recommended in the operation of the aircraft.

It will become a section of the Operations Policy Manual and will define
who is responsible for each record, the format of that record, how and
where the record is stored, how and where back-up copies of each record
is stored.

If you use vendor maintenance providers, it will describe how you want the
records of their work to be performed.

If you need to activate your secession plan, it will guide the new
responsible person in the transition.
Defined Aircraft Records System Starter - Click Here