Aircraft Records
Twisted-Wrench LLC  Aircraft Maintenance Special Projects

    Download, print, and review, the General Aviation Records List


  1. Locate all the records from the list for your subject aircraft
  2. Verify the Airworthiness Certificate, Registration, and Radio Licenses (if available) are accurate to the
    aircraft, owner, and installed equipment
  1. How? Click Here
  1. Locate the Weight & Balance Info and the Equipment List
  2. Try to verify that the equipment listed on the Equipment List is the same equipment installed in the aircraft
    when the last W&B calculation or actual weighing was performed
  1. Typically the wheels come off the tracks right here
  2. The Equipment List is the conformity report for the Weight and Balance so you must be able to
    conclusively match these documents for accuracy
  3. If not conclusively matched, this is a discrepancy which must be resolved by:
  1. going back through the records to a point where the Equipment List was accurate and
    relevant to a known Weight & Balance and bringing calculations forward on installed
    equipment (assuming the installation records can be
    located)                                                                                                        --- or ---
  2. creating an accurate Equipment List and re-weighing the aircraft

How do I create a new Equipment List?  For Instructions Click Here

Consider making your Equipment List an asset management tool while you create an
accurate new list.

Use the instructions for a new Equipment List and the Sample copy of a new Equipment List
Equipment List

Copy & Paste into
your spreadsheet
Regulatory Equipment List