Maintenance Management by Discrepancy
Twisted-Wrench LLC  Aircraft Maintenance Special Projects
There is no regulatory requirement to keep discrepancies as part of
your aircraft records.

This may be why using discrepancies as a management tool works
so well!
When you get this very simple concept, you will be amazed that it is so
seldom used.  

Using Discrepancy Management is so easy and does so much, you will
want to start using this immediately.

What are the goals?
1.        Track what is done to the airplane and why.
It's the "why" that is usually lost when the records tell the story of the aircraft.
2.        Retain the airworthiness paperwork with all parts changed.
3.        Retain the warranty information with each part used
to                           correct each discrepancy.
5.        Retain shipping information for each part sent out,
or                             received.
6.        Track labor hours for each discrepancy.
7.        Track recurring or intermittent discrepancies and
what                           corrective actions that have been taken so far.
8.        Have one discrepancy tracking system that is used
in                             service and through each inspection and keeps
each                              discrepancy in order as found.
9.        Enable a consistent method of approval for return
to                              service for a single Tech or Worker and Inspector.
10.       Must be convenient to take with on-board records and
not                      require more technology than a pen.
OK, so how does this work?
Sample Discrepancy Form  
Download, Copy and Paste
into your Spreadsheet
AC 20-62E