Managing Your Aircraft as an Asset
Twisted-Wrench LLC  Aircraft Maintenance Special Projects
The value of your aircraft may be
from <
$20K to >$50M
Maintenance of the Aircraft and its Records
will minimize the depreciation of that value
The cold, bitter truth is, if you can't afford to
maintain your aircraft's airworthiness,
appearance, and records, your aircraft value,
its reliability, and its safety level will diminish
You have seen the aircraft in the back corner of the hangar
or pushed out to the back of the ramp, covered with dust,
Please don't be that owner!
If you can't afford it, sell it while it is still airworthy!
Step by Step
Aircraft Records and Forms Management
101  Under Construction
The record keeping system I describe here
has been developed over many years,
aircraft sales, audits, and aircraft operations.

It is adaptable from Experimental, to GA
Certified, to Transport Category Operations.


There is enough information on this website
for an owner/operator to set up and manage
their own records.

You can e-mail me with questions for free

I can come to your location and set your
records up for you for a reasonable fee