Preventive Maintenance by Pilots
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  • it is listed in Part 43, Appendix A (c) Preventive Maintenance
  • If the work is performed per 43.13
  • The Maintenance is recorded per 91.403 (b) and 91.407 (a) (1)&(2)
The owner/operator may perform Preventive Maintenance if:
AC No: 43-12A
Some highlighted issues with Preventive Maintenance
Pilots may only perform Preventive Maintenance:

  • on aircraft they own or operate.  Sorry, can't work on your
    buddy's aircraft
  • provided it does not involve complex assembly operations
  • provided the maintenance is performed per current
    manufacturer's maintenance data.
  • provided an appropriate maintenance record entry is performed.
  • provided an appropriate approval for return to service entry is
    made in the records.
Things you might think a pilot should be
allowed to do but
not allowed:

  • Change any light bulbs that are not Position Lights or Landing Lights
  • Dress nicks in propellers
  • Anything on the approved list that is a complex activity on your