Think about answering these questions during a ramp check or in court!

Hobby/Recreational or Professional Pilot?  The regulations and requirements are the same.

1.            Can you validate that your Flight Manual / Pilot Operating Handbook is the correct manual and correct revision status
for your aircraft?

2.            Can you validate that your Flight Manual / Pilot Operating Handbook has the correct Flight Manual Revisions with the
correct numbers and dates for any added systems or equipment installed on your aircraft?

3.            Can you validate which equipment was installed in your aircraft at original certification and which equipment was
installed in service?

4.            Can you validate that your current Weight and Balance report includes all the equipment that has been installed or
removed since the last actual aircraft weighing?

5.            Does your Airworthiness Directive Listing for aircraft, engines, props, and appliances include a clear description of
how each AD was complied with reference to AD paragraphs, part numbers, service bulletin references etc.?

These questions don't even get to your equipment list, your records of maintenance, repair (minor and
major), inspection, alteration (minor and major), service bulletin list, or other records!

Three More Questions

1.        Would the condition and completeness of your aircraft records add value in a sale?

2.        Do your aircraft records help you project an operational and maintenance budget for your aircraft?

3.        Do your Aircraft Records adequately reflect the airworthiness of your aircraft?
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Questions to ask yourself about your aircraft records
If you are unsure
of answers to
these questions
don't worry.

This information
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