Who Does What?
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Who Gets to Do What on a Certified Aircraft?
Pilot performed Preventive Maintenance
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An A&P Technician can perform and approve for return to service
most all maintenance, alterations, and inspections - -
Except Can
Not Approve for Return to Service -
  • Major Repairs
  • Major Alterations
  • Annual inspections
  • 91.411 &413 Altimeter and Transponder Checks
An A&P with Inspection Authorization can perform and approve
for return to service all the original A&P items - - Plus -
  • Major Repairs
  • Major Alterations
  • Annual inspections

  • All maintenance, alterations and inspections must be performed per data
    that is approved or accepted by the FAA
  • The A&P / IA cannot approve data or decide what data is accepted***
  • They also cannot perform 91.411 altimeter or 91.413 transponder checks.
  • Must be a Repair Station.

We have all seen aircraft with significant dents in aerodynamic surfaces like
leading edges and structural surfaces like the stressed skin of monocoque

An A&P - IA cannot approve these for return to service without approved data.
Approved Data can come from the manufacturer's engineering group or possibly
a Designated Engineering Representative.

The leading edge dent can change ultimate flight characteristics like stall break,
spin recovery, cross wind performance, etc.

The dent in the tail cone can significantly reduce the strength of the structure
like a dent in a soda can make it much easier to crush.

Pilots doing Preventive Maintenance, A&Ps, IAs, and
Repair Stations doing maintenance, alterations, or inspections must use
approved or accepted data.

If you have any condition, maintenance, alteration, or repair issue that cannot
be resolved using current available approved or accepted data, you must get
additional engineering help for data appropriate to your issue.
Regulatory Restrictions